June 06, 2015


So every once in a while - a friend of mine sees something on this whore's fb and sends it to me.
(Of course this bitch is so dumb, she thinks they are actually friends.)
 Soooo many times I wish I could respond. So. Many. Times.
If you love my brother so much - why have you spent your entire marriage screwing other men? Including my husband?
OHH wait. You guys have an "open" marriage huh. Yeah. One where you fuck other dudes, but if you think my brother is screwing someone else, you get all bent. Oh and one where when he catches you screwing around on him, you scream "rape".  I remember when he caught you screwing some guy named Cameron, 2000 - 2001, somewhere around there. You had this giant ass hissy fit and ran to my house screaming about how it was all a big lie and the guy raped you, threatening to run out in front of a car and kill yourself. Cuz you were innocent.
I remember seeing you kissing some guy on the front porch of a house on 3rd street. What about you screwing all those guys that work out at the salt plant. Cliff? His sons? All my brothers' friends. My cousins? My Dad? Hell - you so nasty that if my Ex-husband did screw you - he won't even admit to it! Such a class act.
But you LOVE my brother.
And another thing. If you are so innocent in all this - why not come talk to me? I know if I was being accused of screwing someone else's husband and it was not true - I'd be right there defending myself. But you can't do that because you bitch are a lying whore. A shitty human being who can never be anything but a worthless pile of garbage. No matter what you do or how hard you try - you will never be anything more.

I feel like as long as I never get the chance to confront this bitch, never get the chance to get my brother to see the truth - I will never be able to truly resolve this mess within myself. It's like horrid people get to walk around scott free, and the people who try to be decent human beings get the shaft.

I am truly sorry to anyone who may happen to read this crap. I'm sorry it's nothing but negative. I don't want to talk about it in "real life" because it's just such a downer. Ya know?

June 03, 2015


Just move on he says. Let's put it all behind us and start over he says.

This place is my place of solitude. The place where I used to be able to come and spill my soul. It's full of cobwebs now, but it's still here. So I will use it. I will get it off my chest and out of my guts. My side of the story. My truth. The shit I have to live with every day, knowing that most of my adult life has been complete shit and full of nothing but lies.

So this bitch. Danielle Urich is her maiden name. She married my brother Michael Hunt, became Danielle Hunt, and proceeded to completely screw over every single person in my family. Some people don't even know it. Like my brother for instance. He's so delusional about all of this. Even though a lot of shit happened right in front of his face - he just keeps pretending that everyone else is lying, and his stupid little whore is just a victim. 

I will just start with MY husband - I say start because she has fucked SO many men - and MANY of them were in MY family. All while she claims to love my brother.
Two days before my Mom died, my brother decides to tell me that he caught his wife and my husband in his house, in his bedroom together with the door locked. When my husband let him in to his own bedroom, Danielle was locked in the bathroom. According to Danielle - my husband just followed her into the bedroom and said that he would "help her out if she would help him out" - ya know - with cash and shit. According to my husband, he had gone over there to end it with her. He had taken our truck out for my brother to look at - so my brother leaves and comes back to find this situation. My husband says that they ended up trying to have sex but he couldn't get it up. Danielle says he was being "creepy" and was "hiding" in the bathroom. Husband says she was actually getting dressed and was pissed off because he couldn't perform. Whatever. Of course my brother believes his whore of a wife. My brother says he was going to use all of this to blackmail my husband for money, but he didn't because he didn't want to "hurt" me. Yeah ok.

So I leave the hospital where my mother is dying, and have to go and confront my husband. He suddenly decides to have an attack of "the truth" and proceeds to tell me everything. Supposedly anyways. I don't really believe anything he says anymore. But his story - yeah he's been screwing this bitch since I got pregnant with my youngest child. Since 2001. I really think it may actually have been even longer than that, but it's all he will admit to. So that is 14 years. FOURTEEN MOTHER FUCKING YEARS of my EIGHTEEN YEAR MARRIAGE!

So according to my husband - this happened when my Dad was living with her and my brother. He had gone over to find that she was the only one home, and supposedly she came onto him. And there it began. Over all these years he claims it was just sex. No love, just sex. She denies anything ever happened.

So it's been almost a year since found all of this out, and I really still don't even know how to digest all of it. Danielle's youngest child is nearly 11, and I really think that Husband of mine is the father. She hid the pregnancy from everyone in my family until she was about ready to pop. Including my brother. Kinda makes sense now.

I am full of anger. So much fucking anger. Sick of being lied to by everyone around me. Sick of men who can't seem to keep their shit in their pants. But here I am. What the fuck else am I going to do? Yeahh I could leave and blah blah blah, but I have 2 kids at home to raise. He says he is a changed man - says he will never do it again - blahhhhh blahhh blahh. Like I haven't heard THAT before. Sometimes it makes me sick to even look at him. But again - I have 5 more years until all my kids are off to college.

I need to get rid of the negative that exists in my brain, and this stupid blog helped me do it before. So sorry if it offends. You don't have to read it. Sorry if it is nothing but negative. Again - it's just my place to vent. My guts are on fire and I really need to take a shit somewhere.......

April 10, 2015


I do not understand for one moment how someone can lie SO MUCH and never feel bad about it. My brothers wife - is such a fucking lying cunt. She has my poor idiot brother fooled into thinking that once again, she's the victim. This bitch - just...... erg. Danielle Urich Hunt - I hope that one day the karma train runs your ass into the ground.