August 13, 2015



I have to wonder if this cunt ever looks in the mirror?
I don't have to pretend you are a bad person ya stupid whore. You ARE a horrid fucking person. Considering I NEVER did anything to you EVER - what world do you live in that you don't think this applies to YOU?
And - if that many bitches don't like you - what might be the problem? Hmmmmm...... maybe you being a disgusting slutty WHOREBAG and putting your rotten vag on any man who is stupid enough to sit still that long? Or walks into your house. Or parks by you at work. Omg seriously?
At this point I am just laughing at you and your complete stupidity. You contradict yourself every 10 seconds and lie so much that you probably don't even know if you are telling the truth or not. And I think it's even funnier that you have no idea that your "friends" hate your skank ass too! Better still - HYSTERICAL that you are SO FUCKING STUPID that you don't realize that I know....... oh I just can't even....... Haa....

August 06, 2015


So funny. Whore thought people wouldn't find out or what? Does your husband know about your "secret" little profile? Probably didn't think we would find out about dude living in your back yard in a tent either. You know - the one you are screwing now when you leave work early and your man thinks you are still at your job? How was that drug run to Colorado you guys made? Kinda hard to afford your house payments when you spend all that money on weed and partying isn't it? Ohh wait - you make some money by selling all the crap you brought back huh. Hmm. You should know that when you piss this many people off - they tend to talk to each other. Sounds to me like your trashy ass friends can't keep their shit together either. And you let your children see and grow up around all of this garbage. But that's really no surprise considering what you are.
Oh and by the way - when you meet up with guys you meet on the internet - they are going to notice that the picture you put up looks nothing like you anymore. All those missing teeth an all.... 

August 03, 2015

I wish I could see the look on your whore face when you find out that your house isn't even your house. Oops - forget to pay your payment again? Well that's ok because there is someone just waiting to move in to that house. Haaahaaa! So sad that even after her death, my Mom still gets stuck with your bills. And out of respect for her, her husband has paid them. Until now that is. Miss one more -  I dare you. I will so enjoy watching your favorite step-sister move in! Ohh yeah and her name is on that house now. It makes me laugh so hard! Yeah we found out the facts when you failed to pay your property taxes. Step-Dad had to pay them in order to renew his car tags. He owns your house 100% - and the next time you don't pay - you are out. And Katie is in. I love it so much that I will probably help her move. And Katie's name is now on everything as the beneficiary for her Dad - so when he goes - so do you. One way or another - you will be eating from karma's desert bowl.